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Multifunction Controller for EC-Fans

The new MTC-MultiControl is a multifunction controller with integrated display and has been developed especially for use with EC-Fans.

The casing is made of plastic and easy to mount at the desired installation site via two screws. The integrated week timer can regulate a day or night set point and independently switches on/off the controller. With predefined programs like pressure-, volume flow-, temperature-, humidity-, CO2 – control or simply as engine speed sensor the MTC-MultiControl is very multi-functional. Freely configurable parameter, which can be transmitted via MicroSD-Card or Modbus-Data transfer, makes the MTC-MultiControl to a compact and cost-effective automation unit. The MTC-MultiControl is in combination with the EC-Fan Program an absolutely added value for the uncomplicated realization of appropriate regulation. Energy-efficient Rosenberg EC-Fans are well-prepared for the future. The requirements of the current European regulation 1253/2014/EU (LOT6) in force from 2016 already fulfil the second stage (from 2018).

You can find further information in our product information and in our catalogue “WORLD OF EC FANS” (Download).