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Important galleries and theaters, as well as media parks in which spectacular events take place have been outfitted with Rosenberg air handling units. The individual wishes of the operators were especially taken into account at these installations.

MVM Dome, Budapest (Hungary)

The MVM Dome (Budapesti Multifunkcionális Sportcsarnok), Hungary's largest sports hall, was officially opened in December 2021 after 27 months of construction. The impressive multifunctional hall is one of the three Hungarian venues for the 2022 European Men's Handball Championship. Rosenberg was able to supply the modern HVAC system for the imposing building, with a contract value of around 1.1 million euros, via its subsidiary in Hungary.

Eremitage, St.Petersburg (Russia)

A project of the very special kind is the refurbishing of a HVAC system in the world famous gallery "Eremitage". The existing network of ducts was to stay intact since the historic masonry of the impressive building offered too little space. Rosenberg supplied two high quality air handling units with VFDs taking the utmost care.

Sheik Al Shaber Stadium (Kuwait City)

For the national stadium (Sheik Al Shaber Stadium), Rosenberg supplied 18 air handling units of the model S40 with a total air volume of 54,000 m³/h that air condition the integrated VIP area, a swimming pool, a restaurant, the changing rooms and a health care center.

Donbass Arena, Donezk (Ukraina)

For the Donbass Arena in Donetsk Rosenberg supplied 1 air handling unit of the model S40, as well as 60 pieces Unobox-ME (Size 080).

National Aquatic Center, Beijing (People´s Republic of China)

The Rosenberg Group supplied 26 air handling units for the construction, dehumidification and long term stabilization of the ETFE curtain walls of the National Aquatic Center in Bejing for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Special units were put into place with two Rosenberg EC fans each, absorption heat storage, e-reheater for drying the air and integrated control.

Coselpalais, Dresden (Germany)

In the Saxon metropolis, Dresden, directly next to the reconstructed Frauenkirche, is the Coselpalais. Even here one can find modern HVAC technology from Rosenberg. Air handling units for indoor application with a total volume of von 50,000 m³/h were installed.

Further References:

  • Red Bull Arena, Salzburg (Austria)
  • Tivoli Stadion, Insbruck (Austria)
  • Palast der Künste, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Kölcsey Kunst- und Kulturzentrum, Debrecen (Hungary)
  • Soccer stadion, Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Ice arena, Pilsen (Czech Republic)
  • Sport Center, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Ice arena, Nuremberg (Germany)
  • German Opera, Berlin (Germany)
  • Stadthalle, Nürtingen (Germany)
  • Künkelinhalle, Schorndorf (Germany)
  • Alte Mälzerei, Berlin (Germany)
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