In hospitals, above all in the operating rooms, the issue of hygiene has the highest priority. Accordingly, hospitals also have special requirements for the ventilation of their buildings. Airbox air handling units in a hygienic design according to DIN 1946/4 comply with these requirements.

Hygiene requirements for the unit casing

  • Dirt accumulation should not be made easier by the surface design
  • The materials used must be resistant to disinfectants and abrasion resistant
  • Side walls and all components which are located in the air flow must be designed with galvanised and coated surfaces
  • Floors, including sliding rails which come into contact with condensate of stainless steel or aluminium
  • Closed-poured sealing
  • All permanently installed components must be accessible through access bays
  • All components must be protected during construction from contamination and damage
  • Only condensate trays with all-side inclination may be used
  • Inspection glass and lighting in filter and fan unit required

Hygiene requirements for the filter

  • 2 or 3-stage filtering depending on the room category
  • Filter change only allowed on dust air side
  • For antimicrobial-coated filters, proof of the effectiveness and toxic safety is required
  • Filter differential pressure monitoring without sealing liquid
  • Only closed-cell sealing profile may be used

Hygiene requirements for heat exchanger

  • Heater frame made of galvanised steel, aluminium fins/copper or galvanised steel
  • Cooler frame of stainless steel or aluminium (AIMg), fins coated, aluminium (AIMg) or copper, collector of copper
  • All parts in wet areas shall be cleanable
  • All condensate connections are to be arranged on the same side
  • Cooler must be visible from both sides
  • Cooler fin spacing at least 2.5 mm

Hygiene requirements for the heat recovery

  • Surface finish of rotor or plate exchanger: Frame galvanised and coated, fins coated with epoxy resin or aluminium
  • Pans on the supply and return air side of stainless steel
  • Heat recovery systems are to be arranged on the supply air side after the first filter step
  • In rooms where no room-spanning recirculation is allowed, only systems are permitted which exclude material transmission from the exhaust air to the supply air


Certificate of hygiene compliance (Airbox T60) Certificate of hygiene compliance (Airbox T60)

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