References: Office Buildings

Behind many glass facades and modern architecture worldwide you will find HVAC equipment from the Rosenberg-Group. There is a strong emphasis on solutions tailored to a building’s individual needs when specifying the units.

Tech Gate Vienna, Vienna (Austria)

Tech Gate Vienna is Vienna’s first address for high tech research and development.  Behind the modern glass facade there is, of course, a highly innovative HVAC concept with individual solutions. Rosenberg supplied 15 air handling units with rotary heat exchangers and humidifiers. Thanks to a special construction these systems can guarantee absolute sound-damping properties.

Microsoft, Unterschleißheim (Germany)

Microsoft, the worldwide largest IT provider operates in the Bavarian town of Unterschleißheim. The comfort of the employees of the software provider is assured through 7 air handling units from Rosenberg. The units are equipped with heat recovery with cross flow plate exchangers with a total volume of 90,000 m³/h.

Office and Administration Building "Darmstädter Landstraße", Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Rosenberg supplied 30 units for this innovative concept of component cooling with heat recovery through rotary heat exchangers and evaporative humidifiers.

Further References:

  • Kaffee Partner, Osnabrück (Germany)
  • Donauplex, Vienna (Austria)
  • Ericsson, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Millenium Center, Vienna (Austria)
  • Press-Center, St.Petersburg (Russia)
  • Public record office, Moscow (Russia)
  • Embassy of Mexico, Berlin (Germany)
  • UVEX, Fürth (Germany)
  • PUMA, Herzogenaurach (Germany)
  • Adidas, Herzogenaurach (Germany)
  • Rockwool, Flechtlingen (Germany)
  • Wöhrl Verwaltungszentrum, Nuremberg (Germany)
  • Rathaus, Bremen (Germany)
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