Diffuser Dplus for Axial Fans

The new, retrofittable Dplus diffuser is an ideal solution for converting dynamic pressure into static pressure.

AKFG 800 with Diffusor DplusDue to the constant cross-sectional expansion, the speed in the direction of flow decreases and the losses are converted into usable static pressure. On the one hand, the gain in static pressure can reduce the fan's drive power, which lowers the fan's operating costs. On the other hand, the gain in static pressure can also be used in such a way that the fan delivers more volume flow with the same drive power. The Dplus is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel and is available in three different colours (red, black or white).

Advantages of the Dplus diffuser:

  • Optimisation of the flow range
  • Conversion of dynamic pressure into static pressure
  • Reduce operating costs by reducing the drive power
  • Due to the increase in static pressure, the fan can deliver more air volume at the same drive power
  • Easy retrofitting to existing fans
  • Uncomplicated and quick assembly in a few minutes

You can find a video illustrating the simple assembly on our YouTube channel.

Example of savings potential: AKFG 800 K.6IF A6 Gen3 vs. AKFG 800 K.6IF A6 Gen3 (Dplus)

Operating Point Short-term 100% Daytime Operation 80% Night Operation 60%  
Volume flow 20.800 m³/h 16.600 m³/h 12.450 m³/h  
Static pressure 160 Pa 102 Pa 58 Pa  
Fan power without diffuser 2.370 W 1.220 W 555 W  
Fan power with diffuser 2.050 W 1.070 W 494 W  
Runtime per day 2 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours  
  Energy consumption per year
Input power without diffuser 1.730,1 kWh/a 4.453 kWh/a 2.430,9 kWh/a 8.614 kWh/a
Input power with diffuser 1.496,5 kWh/a 3.905,5 kWh/a 2.163,72 kWh/a 7.565,72 kWh/a
Power savings 233,6 kWh/a 547,5 kWh/a 267,18 kWh/a 1.048,28 kWh/a
Savings in % 13,5 % 12,3 % 11,0 % 12,2 %
  Cost savings per year 335,45 EUR
  Emission reduction per year 0,42 t CO2

Electricity costs per kWh (2020): 0.32 EUR / Data from the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (2020): 0.398 kg CO2/kWh

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